Backup Exec

A fast, cost-effective, unified backup and recovery solution for cloud-ready organizations.

Protect all your data,
not just some of it

If the unthinkable happens, be confident all your critical data is backed up and can be recovered quickly and easily.

  • Reduce vulnerability and exposure to the threat of ransomware.
  • Use automated workflows to remain compliant with data protection regulations like GDPR.
  • Schedule and monitor backup jobs. Recover data in a few simple clicks using intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards.

Backup for the modern

Modernized data protection enables you to keep pace and respond to the growing demands of digital transformation.

  • Back up to any storage device or the cloud environments identified on our comprehensive software, cloud and hardware compatibility lists.
  • Accelerate your cloud journey with native cloud connectors for all major cloud vendors including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Google.
  • Stay current and benefit from latest technology releases with a choice of subscription licensing options.

Simple to acquire, less expensive to run

There’s no need to pay for and manage multiple solutions. Backup Exec provides unified protection for all your data across virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments.

  • A simple, plane of glass interface cuts down admin time. to makes initial installation and configuration up to 75 percent faster*.
  • Spend less on storage and reduce backup times using intelligent deduplication and multi-cloud capabilities.
  • Benefit from 59 percent lower 5-Year Total Cost of Ownership*.