sendQuick Entera is positioned as a Business Process Automation messaging solution. It has the capability to help business address inter-and 
intra-department requirements to reduce workflows bottlenecks and improve responsiveness.


  • Built-in Address Book and Shift (roster) management.
  • Monitor with PING, Port & URL check for systems downtime alerts
  • Keyword Management for Interactive SMS
  • User web interface for broadcast or send SMS (SMS scheduler available)
  • Multiple user access rights, configurable by the user administrator for better user management.
  • Email filter system to send only important alerts to single or multiple users.
  • SMTP (email), SNMP Trap and Syslog filter for selective SMS alert messages.
  • Hassle-free integration to an unlimited number of back-end application.

Industry Application


  • SMS to sales team when order comes in from clinics or hospitals
  • Check information real-time via SMS for field staff
  • SMS alerts for systems problems.


  • SMS to students on class schedules, exam dates, results and reminders to pay fee etc.
  • SMS to parents if the students fail to attend class.


  • SMS to patients on appointment reminders
  • SMS to doctors and nurses on important messages.
  • SMS emergency message deployment.

Data centers & IT support Service sharmaceutical

  • Use SMS for system alerts to IT support staff
  • SMS can provide data tracking for each support call/work done.

Building Maintenance

  • Two-way SMS to technicians to job dispatch and tracking & technical support
  • SMS reminder to client in servicing dates and data capturing

Retail, Hotel, Travel, & Consumer Services

  • Use SMS for reservation of restaurants, services, facilities and others
  • Use SMS for marketing and promotions such as discounts, contest, games, etc.
  • SMS for job dispatch for support / maintenance.

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